How To Choose A Sports Bra?

How To Choose A Sports Bra
How To Choose A Sports Bra

How To Choose A Sports Bra? Nowadays, many women choose morning exercises or go to the gym to lose weight or exercise, and professional sports underwear is indispensable.

Sports bra must not only have strong functions, but also have to look good in style, but good-looking sports underwear, if it is not suitable for your body shape, will highlight the shortcomings of the figure.

The worst is that the advantages of the style have turned into shortcomings.

With the increasing popularity of fitness sports nowadays, sports underwear has already set off a fashion revolution in major shows and street shooting.

After constant innovation and improvement by designers, they are now at the forefront of fashion.

The history of sports bra

The history of sports bra
The history of sports bra

The corset has been around for a hundred years since it came out in ancient Rome, but the basic shape has not changed much. Ergonomics has only recently been widely used in the design and production of bras.

Sports bras are developed on the basis of bras, which basically inherit the structure and characteristics of bras. The earliest sports bra appeared in 1977. The American HinderMiller sewed two triangular bandages for body protection. At that time, it was just a very simple bra.

The purpose was to reduce the shaking of women’s breasts during exercise, reduce the impact of strenuous exercise on the breasts, and at the same time absorb sweat at any time to keep the body surface dry.

With the development of science and technology, the gradual maturity of ergonomics, and the widespread of world competitive sports, sports bras are very important for female athletes and sports enthusiasts.

3 types of sports bra

Type 1: Simple fixing

Simple fixing sport bra
Simple fixing sport bra

It is fixed with a layer of elastic mesh fabric, the structure is simple, and there is basically no design for human body structure.

The appearance is similar to small and cute, and it rarely exists in independent form.

Most of it coexists with sports vests, suspenders, and other forms of clothing.

Suitable for people: there is little difference in quality, poor fixation, suitable for low-impact sports and part of the impact sports of Ms. A and B.

Type 2: Pressure type fixed

Pressure type fixed
Pressure type fixed

The most widely used type of sports underwear is also the type used by most sports underwear.

Unlike Type 1, the tailoring will fully consider the breast shape, structure, stress, shoulder and back stress, and other factors (simply called ergonomics), so as to obtain good fixation while still maintaining Relative comfort.

Suitable for the people: The appearance is similar to an ordinary bra. The fixity is medium, which is approximately suitable for low-impact and medium-impact sports with Ms. A-C cup.

Type 3: Compound structure

Compound structure sport bra
Compound structure sport bra

In the most stable style, in addition to the structure contained in Type 2, there are special steel brackets (the above two types are all without steel brackets, and the steel brackets may not be metal materials) to obtain better support and support, fabric More intensity.

Suitable for the crowd: It can provide good fixation and protection for the ladies of D and D+ under medium and high-impact sports.

How to choose a sports bra?

  1. Confirm your upper bust, lower bust, and cup shape. Try to choose a full-cup bra, don’t choose half-cup or other more revealing styles just because they look good.
  2. Check whether the ingredient brand is pure cotton texture. Lycra is an elastic fiber. The higher the Lycra content in the fabric, the better the elasticity.
  3. Don’t choose a sports bra with an underwire type.
  4. Single-layer sports cotton underwear with Lycra can prevent sagging breasts without rubbing the skin, suitable for girls with full breasts.
  5. Check the shoulder strap design of the underwear. If the elasticity is good and the angle position is good, there will be no embarrassment of slipping.
  6. Trying on is a very important part. You should look at the front, back, and side body shape in the mirror. Move your body and experience whether it is comfortable and natural to wear. The bra strap should feel thick, but not too tight. It is best to have rubber pads that are non-slip to reduce friction during exercise.
  7. Different exercise types have different choices. The more intense the exercise, the higher the level of support required. Therefore, the sports bras required for aerobics and boxing are completely different.

How to choose the size of a sports bra?

The size of sports underwear is different from the general underwear size.

It is distinguished by S, M, L (ie small, medium, large).

Therefore, professional sports underwear will indicate the usual underwear size corresponding to the size of the sports underwear on the size.

In addition, you should choose sports underwear according to the type of exercise you often do, indoor or outdoor, heavy or light, and decide the style and color accordingly.

If you exercise more indoors, choose white or lighter colors, etc., and if you exercise more, choose more flexible ones that are more convenient and practical.

How to choose a sports bra with a chest shape?

Sagging chest type

Those with sagging breasts who want to restore the original fitness of the chest should choose a bra that is one size larger than usual, and try to use bras with reinforced rims and side parts to strengthen it and support it from bottom to top.

It is best to use a 3/4 cup bra to support your sagging breasts.

This is a segmented arc splicing that provides good support and fixation for different stressed parts; a deep U-neck is used to increase the wrapping area so that the cup position is fully fixed, and the vibration to the chest during exercise is relieved; there is no steel ring and detachable Coasters, cross-type back straps, refreshing and dynamic, comfortable and burden-free; effectively improve the stability of sports and prevent sagging of the chest.

Small chest type

Women with small chests can use a functional bra to make up for it.

A slightly larger bra should be worn to allow blood to circulate in the chest and strengthen its movement space so that it can develop in a suitable position and space.

Fitness bras can be considered invincible if they have beautiful backs and beautiful breasts.

The same hollow shape at the front and back, with a small front and a large back, conforms to the human body structure and enjoys the cool without getting out.

The three-quarter cup style shows the upper right side of the left breast or the upper left side of the right breast.

The cup is cut diagonally to create a career line and make the breast shape more perfect.

Plump chest type

Plump ladies should choose light and thin silk underwear fabrics, which are not only comfortable but also not cumbersome.

It is best to choose a deep cup and 3/4, 4/4 type, wide shoulder straps, and wire support, which is conducive to the shape of the breast.

At the same time, it is recommended that plump MM wear a black or white bra, which is easier to match with various colors.

This is a professional sports underwear with a high-strength shockproof full cup, which can be used for running fitness and aerobics to protect our chest from being damaged by strenuous exercise.

It is also very bold in design. It uses white and blue lines to match. Visually presents another style.

Conical chest type

For women with tapered breasts, if they want to be fuller, they can choose a bra with a padded underside to make them bulge and make their breasts look more three-dimensional.

The surface of the cup is covered with elastic emerald velvet to form a short jacket that can be worn outside.

The heart is embellished with a bow to add details to the whole body.

This underwear is stylish and handsome, with both sporty style and outerwear style.

It is a highlight when paired with a low-necked coat or jacket.

Hemispherical chest type

Women with hemispherical breasts can choose a 3/4 cup bra to avoid the improper styling and inconvenience caused by the 1/2 cup.

This strapped sports underwear is the essence of strapping fashion today, and sports are also keeping up with the trend.

It uses a full cup design, and there is a semicircular hollow design on the back, which can highlight a sexy beautiful back.

Even walking out of the street can harvest countless eyeballs in minutes.

Sport bra clean tips

  1. Remove and clean immediately after exercise

Sweat and bacteria can decompose the fabric of sports underwear, so after exercising, please change it immediately and wash it off as soon as possible to prevent sweat stains from staying on the fabric, causing yellowing or odor in the future.

  1. The best cleaning method: hand wash

Hand washing is undoubtedly the best way to clean sports underwear. Just add an appropriate amount of laundry detergent, gently rub it, and then rinse it off.

  1. Before machine washing, prepare a special laundry bag

When choosing a washing machine to clean sports underwear, put it in a special underwear laundry bag in advance to avoid deformation caused by the agitation of the machine tank during washing.

  1. Lie down and dry naturally

Never dry sports underwear in a clothes dryer. Doing so will deform them and let them dry naturally. Avoid direct exposure to the sun.


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