Why Wear A Sports Bra?


Why Wear A Sports Bra?take a look back at one hundred years of sports bra trends. From brassiere and girdle combos to compression sports bras and athleisure bras, watch how women’s sports bras have become more comfortable and more functional in the last century.

Why Wear a Sports Bra?

Why wear a sports bra

Failing to wear a supportive and properly fitting sports bra during exercise can lead to permanent breast damage whether you have experienced pain or not.  This applies to very small breasts too.

Prevent Permanent Damage and Sagging


Breasts are made of mostly mammary glands and soft tissue with limited support structures called Coopers Ligaments.  A supportive and well fitting sports bra will protect your breasts and minimise damage to the soft tissue and Coopers Ligaments.

Coopers Ligaments support the breast tissue and “keeps the girls up”. Think of a simple rubber band…if continually stretched and stretched it will become longer and will not bounce back. 

This same principle applies to Cooper’s Ligaments and skin when your breasts are not properly supported during exercise.  It means that breast support that comes from your bra is extremely important especially during exercise.

Even the smallest sizes can experience permanent tissue damage over time if you neglect to give them the right support.

When you participate in even mild exercise your breasts will bounce and it is this action that can damage soft tissue and stretch the delicate Coopers Ligaments in your breasts.  This can cause sagging and permanent breast damage. 

This applies to small breasts too.

Breasts move in three dimensions during physical activity

– up and down

– side to side

– in and out

So finding a sports bra that limits motion in all directions will provide the most protection from sagging and pain.

The only time your breasts are not moving is when you’re standing or lying down. 

You should wear a sports bra when you’re doing any kind of activity including walking and yoga.

Reduce Pain and Discomfort during exercise

Why wear a sports bra

Research has shown that wearing a supportive and good fitting sports bra will increase your efficiency and enjoyment of your workout.

A good sports bra will reduce breast movement which means less pain and discomfort.

Sports bras are also made from ‘sweat-wicking’ fabrics which keep you more comfortable while exercising and help prevent chafing problems that may develop during prolonged activity with a wet bar.

However, it is important to remember that wearing a worn-out sports bra can lead to breast pain and ligament damage as it will no longer have the same level of support. 

To help you stay comfortable and supported while you exercise, replace your sports bra every 6-8 months. 

A sports bra should never have a birthday!

what kind of bra should I wear while working out?

The function of sports bras is also mainly based on exercise intensity and ergonomics.

Therefore, the choice of sports bra is inseparable from the intensity of sports.

Low intensity exercise

Such as :bicycle, bowling, golf, walking, weight training, Pilates, etc.

Because the exercise intensity is not great, you can choose a simple fixed bra.

Simple fixed bra is fixed with a layer of elastic mesh fabric (mesh bra), simple structure, basically no design for human body structure, similar in appearance, small and cute, rarely exist in independent form, most of them are sports vests, suspenders, etc. Forms of clothing coexist.

Since it is a low-vibration exercise, there is no need to choose a high-elastic one, otherwise, it will easily cause breathing problems during exercise, etc.

Moderate exercise

Such as : race walking, rowing, climbing stairs, tennis, pedal aerobics.

The most widely used type of bra is also the type used by most sports bras.

It also mainly depends on the elasticity of the fabric to form pressure on the chest to achieve the purpose of fixation.

The difference from Type 1 is that it takes full consideration of breast shape, structure, stress on shoulders, back stress, and other factors (in short, ergonomics) in tailoring, so as to achieve good fixation at the same time Still maintain relative comfort.

High-intensity exercise

Such as: basketball, gymnastics, running, football, volleyball, high-impact aerobic dance.

Of course, the more intense the exercise, the more support you need.

Obviously, you need different sports bras for yoga and boxing. When trying a bra, you can jump into the fitting room to see if it provides proper support for the chest.

It should be based on your chest feeling safe (tightened) and not painful.

The most stable style, in addition to the structure contained in Type 2, generally has a special steel bracket (the above two types are all without steel bracket-the steel bracket may not be a metal material), with or better support, The fabric is stronger.

It can provide good fixation and protection for D and D+ mm under medium and high impact sports.

How to judge the fitness of a sports Bra?


Refer to the picture above to determine the bottom circumference:

Left photo: The bottom circumference fits perfectly, keeping the front and back level;

Middle photo: Pull up the bottom circumference and keep the distance from the body at about 3-4 cm.

Make sure that the bottom circumference is not too loose or too tight;

Right photo : If the back is running up, the bottom circumference is too loose.


Refer to the picture above to determine the cup:

Left photo : The cup should completely wrap the breast without wrinkles;

Medium photo: If the breast tissue is squeezed out of the cup, it is too small;

Right photo : If the cup is wrinkled and not filled, it is too big;


Refer to the picture above to determine the shoulder strap:

Left photo: The fit tightness should accommodate 1-2 fingers to slide easily;

Medium photo: If the shoulder straps are stuck in the flesh, they should be loosened;

Right photo: If the shoulder strap slips, it is too loose to provide support;

People aslo ask?

Can we wear a sports bra at night?

There is no real evidence that wearing a workout bra to bed is bad or any bra in fact.

The only bad instance is wearing a constrictive bra that may affect the breast structure overall.For women who choose to wear wire bras to bed, this may cause cysts and discomfort.

Do sports bras shrink breasts?

No. A girl’s bra won’t affect the growth of her breasts. Bras don’t make breasts grow or stop growing, but wearing the right-size bra may help you feel more comfortable. 

Bras that are too small may cause breast pain because of how sensitive some girls’ breasts can be as they grow.

Is it bad to always wear a sports bra?

Keeping them on won’t make your breasts perkier, either (you can’t cheat gravity and age).

As long as your sports bra is dry and it doesn’t dig into your skin, wearing it for a long period of time shouldn’t cause you harm.


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